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Running the Garden takes mental time, energy, planning, and that thing we have to think about, money.

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Garden of Neuro Books and Branded Products

A Safe and Brave Space.png

This poetry & art anthology, the first of many to come from the women’s collective that is found in the Garden of Neuro, is designed by women, but for all genders. Based on the theme of "A Safe & Brave Space," this anthology is dedicated to identifying the importance of providing a place for people to feel comfortable. This space provides a sense of safety where people can nurture & grow. With knowledge, strength, empowerment, support & more the members can grow. This is the first of more anthologies & other publications from the Garden of Neuro.

The Talks We Have.png

The Talk: Vital Expressions and Conversations by Families of Color is about the unfortunate but necessary discussions held in BIPOC households to prepare for malevolent encounters with law enforcement and sometimes society at large. This is an anthology of original and never-before-seen works of poetry and essays told by people of color, related to their own experiences

60 Day Simple Planner Green (2).jpg

This undated planner come in a 2-month version, allowing users to begin any month - or any day - of the year. Skip a day, skip a week. The  layout offers maximum flexibility. No guilt or worry about wasting blank pages. It includes monthly and daily pages, enough to plan and reflect on your life. It is light and small, perfect for carrying in backpacks and purses.


Enjoy a host of Garden branded items, for you, your home, office or as a gift! 

The Garden of Neuro Institute began as a seed of an idea in 2017 and has grown into a sprouting membership of nearly 1500 women since opening the Garden Gate in November 2020. As our membership increases, so too does the work and the expenses that go with creating, maintaining, and expanding this unique and special place.

Consider supporting the Garden of Neuro Institute through the link provided below. Your contribution will help grow the Garden to the next level, where we begin to blossom.

Even the smallest monthly donations keep the lights on and the Garden growing! 

The Garden of Neuro Institute Inc is a Non-Profit Charitable 501(c)3 

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